Thought on my last year in college:

In two weeks, I’ll be in the first semester of my last year at Howard University.

I’ve been working towards a bachelors degree in psychology, without a definite idea of what I was going to do when I graduated. It’s both exciting and terrifying to think about what’s to come. Your undergrad years are like a soft release into adulthood. With limited parental guidance, I’ve navigated living in the city, working towards a degree, and working part-time. Graduating, even though I’m pursuing higher education, is the real deal. No more relying on a fake doctors note to get you out of class, or calling out of work for an impromptu bar crawl. So you could say that my emotions are pretty mixed.

On a more positive note, getting a degree is a HUGE accomplishment that shouldn’t be downsized by my doubts. I will be a bit relieved when I’m not bound to a class schedule that barely reflects the path I want my career to move toward. . Come May 2017, I’ll be more than ready to chuck up the deuces to HU and be on my way. Whatever path God places me on, I know he has my best interest at heart. Because undergrad was never the end goal, only a step on the ladder. 


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