Finding me through unemployment 

For half of summer 16, I worked three jobs. Yes, I was a female Terry Crews. I knew that I didn’t want to spend my whole summer bound to someone’s corporation so I set a goal. I needed enough money to make rent for the first two months when I came back to school. After that, I would be on somebody’s beach. Although I didn’t land the dream internship I had high hopes for, I still managed to make it work and stay in DC employed until July.

Me on someone’s beach.
Returning in August, I believed that I would have no trouble finding a job. I’m a firm believer in finding the perfect fit for me. So basically I’m being picky and won’t work for just any company. But now countless job interviews and rejection letters later, I am stuck. With way too much free time on your hands, I have decided to work on myself; being the best version of me. Here’s some of things that I’ve found to do in my (ample) free time between applying to jobs:


Yoga had to be first on my list, because it’s had such a large impact on my life recently. I recommend yoga to everybody and their mama because it’s so beneficial to the spirit, body, and mind. In exchange for free classes, I volunteer weekly at a great studio near my campus. I’ll be starting my yoga teacher training here as well in a few weeks.


This was probably a given because college students read A LOT. I got a new read from the thrift store a few weeks ago, called The 21-day consciousness cleanse that has been eye-opening. I only paid 44 cents for it and it’s one of the most priceless books I’ve ever read. I could read it over and over again.

Last but not least, Blogging!

I had great plans to blog weekly all through my first weeks of school,but life happened. I find blogging to be a therapeutic experience, similar to journaling. It’s a great outlet for a millennial like me who’s always online. Also, it’s easy and customizable, which is essential to distinguish ourself from the sea of writers. From WordPress to Wix, getting your thoughts, feelings, wishes, etc. out there is one of the best ways to just release. (P.S. You can also use your blog as a writing portfolio for jobs!)


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