Skincare Must-Haves from Lush

While others spend their paycheck at Sephora, Lush is the store that gets all my coins. As a woman of color, I am always skeptical about whether my skin type will be catered to by certain companies promising clear skin. A product review from lush was so necessary because I truly believe they are one of the best cruelty-free organic cosmetic brands(for all skin types).
What brought me to Lush was their well-known bath bombs. I wasn’t completely sold on their items due to the seemingly overpriced items in smaller packaging. After taking home and trying a few body washes and ample free samples, I was hooked. They often do in-store demonstrations of their products where customers can see and feel the quality of their products. There’s such transparency within their brand that made me feel like I was making an informed purchase.
My daily cleanser that never fails me. I’m so in love with this product because it has lessened the greasy-ness of my skin significantly. Its grainy texture feels as if it is exfoliating and moisturizing at the same time. At Lush, they always say a little goes a long way, but this product is living proof. One small pot has lasted me months with daily use.
Grease lightning 
grease lightning.jpg
The savior for oily skin.I use this product as a spot treatment for areas that appear shiny or red. Thanks to the tea tree oil in this product, I have noticed a decrease in redness overall in my T-zone. It’s small size also makes it great to store in your purse fork on-the-go use.
Smugglers Soul
smugglers soul.jpg
I’ve been using a sample of this face exfoliant for about a month now. Unfortunately, the product releases once a year around Father’s Day, so I wasn’t able to grab the biggest jar once I fell in love with this product. In contrast with herbalism, the consistency of smugglers salt is much finer. I use a very small amount twice a week just to get a deeper cleanse. I’ve found that this is great to use on days I wear heavy makeup.
D’fluff takes the trophy for the best shaving soap ever. You can’t go wrong with this product. Aside from its soft pink hue and lovely strawberry scent, it actually works better than drug store shaving cream. A tiny amount will leave any part of your body amazingly smooth and moisturized. This product is also very lightweight and will finish quickly if you don’t use it sparingly. My rule of thumb is to use a nickel-sized amount on each area.

One thought on “Skincare Must-Haves from Lush

  1. Great post! I did a Lush favourite products blog post earlier too! Herbalism was in mine too – it’s a great product isn’t it! I hadn’t heard of grease lightning i’ll have to check it out! X


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