Reflecting on Fall 2016

Monday 11:59p

Today started the last week of fall semester. My last as an undergrad. ALOT of feelings are arising. Thoughts like “Did I properly balance my social and academic life?” or “Can I still make up that assignment from September?” are crossing my mind heavy this week. Looking back at this semester, I had my days where I was the super-focused student, and those when I wanted to leave school and become a stay-at-home food blogger. Who hasnt?

Lately I’ve been focusing more crucially on who I’m becoming. Typical twenty-one-year-old coming of age stuff. I always tell my peers not to limit themselves but often forget to take my own advice. My family has never pushed me to be anything but myself, whatever that looks like for me. This caused me to be almost too understanding with myself when I fail. The one thing that has really helped me through my stagnant times where I don’t feel like doing anything is a quote I picked up in yoga teacher training. Budokon-style yoga embraces a motto stating “The way we do anything, is the way we do everything.” Super intense, but thats what has gotten me to put the same amount of effort into my coursework as I do perfecting a winged eyeliner technique. I think that for me, the most important thing in life is finding balance between my two extremes.

While Winter break approaches, there’s still a few things that I have to accomplish before I’m back to Cali. All of my finals are next week, and I still have grad school applications to finish. Both tasks mean I’m closer to leaving Howard, which is all too bittersweet.  Of course, I procrastinated and started applying to masters programs way later than I should have. But trusting in God’s plan, I know that I’ll end up right where I should be come Fall 2017. Crossing the finish line of graduation will feel SO great.

“Pearls are not found on the shore. If you want one, you must dive for it.”


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