What Motivates You?

As many of you may not know, I aspire to be a wellness advocate. I want to uplift others and show people how to change their lives for the better. I am filled with joy when I put others before myself for their benefit. I don’t know what made me this way, but I know that I was meant to share my light with others.

While re-reading this book for the second time, I came across a section titled “Giving up the self you know.” As I mentioned in an earlier post, every time I read it, I gain something new. This particular section goes into detail about the how we see our world only from our limited minds. As a psychology major, I’m always eager to learn more about thought processes and mindset. So obviously I’m eating this stuff up. Reading more into the book, I begin to ask myself these super introspective questions.

 What fuels you to be your best self? When you’re physically and mentally exhausted, what drives you to keep pressing on? Who do you aspire to be in the next 5 years? 10? 

I’m always super critical of being aware of my motivations in life . That, and always having a positive intention with everything I do .To me, they are like the seeds you plant, and when you grow into who you’re supposed to be you’ll be a product of that motivation.  Of course, I fall short of my goals now and then, but these are two things that keep me on track when I don’t see a win.

I’ve learned that in most cases where money is your motivation, you’re almost always left feeling like something is missing. The same goes for attention, visibility, or any other selfish motivation. With all you do, do so with an an altruistic heart.

So…what motivates you?



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